That's Anki...
Hi,I am Ankita aka Anki. My madness for Travel and Adventure for the last 3 years has made me cycle on the Commonwealth Track in Scotland, Skydive in India, Heli Ride over Niagara, Yodel in Switzerland, Cooking and Boxing in Thailand, Seaplanes in Scotland, Backpacking in Maldives and many others. I blog at Ankionthemove where I rediscover myself time and again through conversations, adventures, style while travel and travel videos.

And that's Vab...
Hi, I am Vaibhav aka Vab, a blogger by passion and a marketer by profession. Through my blog I have got a chance to share my experience with some of the tastiest food around as well as some of the best food and lifestyle brands .

And now... here we are at ZippyTrippy to bring to you some of our best experiences with life and the little things which make it so exciting! 


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