Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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Camkix Deluxe 5 in 1 Lens Kit Review

I always knew I belonged to the other side of the lens - The lens that is more than your standalone smartphone camera.Why do you need these?Probably the same reason why I did.I went to the Cincinnati US zoo,and didn’t wanted to carry my bulky camera.So I carried my phone + these 5 lenses in my lens kit.A lady caught me taking pictures and sweetly said - Oh I need one of these! Well,I wouldn’t say they ain’t useful because they are.Let’s take you to the video and then couple of more pictures to demonstrate utility of each.

So these ones which I am reviewing came out to be really handy and well made.They come with a clip on to attach to your phone.For more detailed view of each , watch the video as I take you step by step.

The type of lenses which I reviewed were part of Camkix Deluxe 5 in 1 Lens Kit:

Telephoto Lens:It basically does 2x optical zoom and is best suited for shots when you would rather not go near,and would want a nearer shot,For example this:

                                                                                                       With Telephoto Lens

Without any lens

Wide Angle Lens:It captures wider scenes.Best suited for landscapes,group shots,Skype chats and etc.

Macro Lens:If you wish to get a closer more detailed look,this is for you:For example these:

Macro Captures Details

Macro of Peacock Feathers

CPL Lens:Reduces sun glare and captures more true to life colors.For example this:

Without CPL

With CPL:Notice the glare from sun is minimal and the colors more live

Fish Eye Lens:These are ultra wide lenses with rounded view.For example capturing buildings,yourself or anything with a bit of a difference than us usual.

With use of Fish Eye Lens

With use of Fish Eye Lens

The normal view

Me using the back camera for a selfie with Fish Eye

Product Rating: 9/10

Advantage of Camkix 5 in 1:

1)Easy to carry.

2)The lenses do work very very well.

3)Can be used on multiple devices like Digital Cameras,PC's,iPads etc.

Disadvantage of Camkix 5 in 1:

1)The macro lens is not a substitute of 50mm portrait you really need to get close to the subject.

There are all kinds of Lenses but not every Lens is tried and tested online.I bought one from another brand a few months back and it got broken.

Zippy Trippy is a brave initiative to review the product as it is.You can request the product and we aim to provide the best of the best-est.

Let your travel product be not another Junk!


  1. This one looks good. I liked the macros...and the last one of yours using back lens - selfie with fish eye :)

  2. Hey Ankita, you are doing really good job, I will surely try Camkix Deluxe Lens Kit, now I have Amir HD Camera Lens Kits, that is I recently bought, this clip-On Cell Phone and compatible with any phone, having awesome features, see this site to get its review. It gives you a perfect shot with no noticeable distortion.


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