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New Outlander Packable Backpack 33 L Review

I wouldn't go a single week without my New Outlander Backpack. I love it for the fact on how much can it hold. More than anything, it stays as new as I got them the first time. I have used it on several trips of short duration or on even longer trips as carry on. I even get grocery and other stuff stuffed inside it when I use it as daywear or my camera bag or backpacking essentials. I sometimes go out shopping and keep all bags inside this. My hubby uses it to carry three liquor bottles from the store. And since its very very lightweight, unless if you carry something really heavy inside, you won't feel that weight. Its also water resistant so a few droplets / drizzle of rain would probably wash off but it cannot sustain heavy downpour as it gets wet in heavy downpour or you can't throw it water and expect it to be dry. At the price that you get it on Amazon, its a steal. This cutie costs around $17 and comes in several colors including green, red, orange, blue and more. Watch my video below to know how it works:

The primary feature of this product is that its packable and it compresses into so small that you can carry as an add on luggage inside one of your luggage and if you shop souvenirs or shop in a country or get something you can easily get it inside of this one. I have used it on several occasions and I would highly highly recommend it to not only travelers but people who need a lightweight backpack. An extra backpack could be very handy to carry one set of clothes also when your check-in luggage is delayed or doesn't arrive on time. Remember Switzerland? I  did the whole trip without my luggage as my checkin luggage had failed to arrive even after the trip. It was only after I chased them for 10 more days, it was tracked and delivered.

It just weighs 0.5 pounds or 220 grams.

Now, our conclusion to buy this particular product not only came from positive reviews that people have on Amazon(I am an Amazon addict) but on comparison with other brands. For the durability of this product, the price is awesome. Also, the shoulder strap are very soft with no slip whatsoever when you wear, which was our problem with our last branded backpack that I'll review too.

And it is made of highly rip and water resistant nylon fabric.

I also wish that they came in larger full size backpacks which can be compressed, so packing for 10+ days would be easy. The convenience of having two side pockets for bottles or umbrellas and three compartments +1 to keep your stuff is very useful. Also the bag from any angle doesn't look cheap. It seems to be well designed and a perfect daywear / backpacking wear / short trip wear.

Also since there are multi compartments one of which is the main roomy compartment, then the inner pocket in which we can pack but when not packing we can use it as internal security safety pocket(add keys , wallets inside it), then there are two more outside compartment - in one you can keep accessories and in another torch etc etc etc.

Pros: Best for price. A very convenient lightweight water-resistant 33L backpack.

Cons: Nothing. I wish it was completely waterproof.

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Camkix Deluxe 5 in 1 Lens Kit Review

I always knew I belonged to the other side of the lens - The lens that is more than your standalone smartphone camera.Why do you need these?Probably the same reason why I did.I went to the Cincinnati US zoo,and didn’t wanted to carry my bulky camera.So I carried my phone + these 5 lenses in my lens kit.A lady caught me taking pictures and sweetly said - Oh I need one of these! Well,I wouldn’t say they ain’t useful because they are.Let’s take you to the video and then couple of more pictures to demonstrate utility of each.

So these ones which I am reviewing came out to be really handy and well made.They come with a clip on to attach to your phone.For more detailed view of each , watch the video as I take you step by step.

The type of lenses which I reviewed were part of Camkix Deluxe 5 in 1 Lens Kit:

Telephoto Lens:It basically does 2x optical zoom and is best suited for shots when you would rather not go near,and would want a nearer shot,For example this:

                                                                                                       With Telephoto Lens

Without any lens

Wide Angle Lens:It captures wider scenes.Best suited for landscapes,group shots,Skype chats and etc.

Macro Lens:If you wish to get a closer more detailed look,this is for you:For example these:

Macro Captures Details

Macro of Peacock Feathers

CPL Lens:Reduces sun glare and captures more true to life colors.For example this:

Without CPL

With CPL:Notice the glare from sun is minimal and the colors more live

Fish Eye Lens:These are ultra wide lenses with rounded view.For example capturing buildings,yourself or anything with a bit of a difference than us usual.

With use of Fish Eye Lens

With use of Fish Eye Lens

The normal view

Me using the back camera for a selfie with Fish Eye

Product Rating: 9/10

Advantage of Camkix 5 in 1:

1)Easy to carry.

2)The lenses do work very very well.

3)Can be used on multiple devices like Digital Cameras,PC's,iPads etc.

Disadvantage of Camkix 5 in 1:

1)The macro lens is not a substitute of 50mm portrait you really need to get close to the subject.

There are all kinds of Lenses but not every Lens is tried and tested online.I bought one from another brand a few months back and it got broken.

Zippy Trippy is a brave initiative to review the product as it is.You can request the product and we aim to provide the best of the best-est.

Let your travel product be not another Junk!


ZipTripClick:Selfie Contest Winner

Rakesh Kapadnis Yippee!! Thanks a lot ZippyTrippy A monsoon motorcycle road trip to Matheran has always been a joy ride for me since my college days. As we got our new Royal Enfield Classic, I took my wife to this route again in the rolling hills of Matheran. This selfie was clicked by me at Jummapatti en route to Matheran. Thanks once again :)

There are all kinds of Selfie Stick but not every style has the grip.Zippy Trippy is a brave initiative to review the product as it is.You can request the product and we aim to provide the best of the best-est.

Let your travel product be not another Junk!

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3) The Contest will be judged on creativity and uniqueness

4) The last date of receiving entry is 31/12/2014.

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#TheBeachFeet Selfie,#Duckface selfie,#Gym selfie,#Mirror selfie flaunt it,playing with Selfie is all over Internet.Instagram,Twitter,Facebook you name it,we have it.
 Hate carrying the bulky DSLR's?Love carrying your smartphone or iPhone?But don’t like when the front facing camera of your cell phone has a cut face,or a half face when taking selfie and would love to have you from top to bottom or better even your friends in frame?

                                                                    #Selfie Stick are perfect for Travelling,Video Diaries,
                                     Video Blogging,Hiking,Weddings,Parties,The Beach,Concerts,Aerial Photos and Sports Events

Selfie Stick is the most convenient tool to carry when travelling solo or even with friends.It’s super handy,lightweight,easy to use and take perfect pictures with no-cut frames and comes with either inbuilt Bluetooth or remote to sync.

Wishing that you had #Selfie Stick this x-mas?All you have to do is drop us a mail at and we will get back to you with more details on how you can get the very thing I love while travelling and you soon will too!

                                                                                  Gorgeous Selfies with Selfie Stick On The Move,Here Red Beach Santorini,Greece

Sometimes when travelling alone or as a couple,we always have to request the people passing by to please take our pictures.Sometimes with friends,one of our friends carry the smartphone and rest appear in the picture.

The question is "What if we want all and everyone?" 

 Here are top 7 benefits to carry a Selfie for the perfect #Selfie #Groupfie on the go! 

 1)Top #Solo Shots: Wanting yourself to be in frame while travelling alone is super difficult.Carrying a tripod while trekking bulkier than you thought of!Try #Solo shots with #Selfie stick and its just a simple and nice way to save the moment.

 2)Top Group Shots #Groupfie: In a party,and would love to have all! In a marriage celebration and want everyone.With locals who would love their pics to be taken with you.Selfie Stick takes the best #Groupfies with everyone in one frame.

#Groupfies are easy!

 3)Top Food ShotsAh! That Krabi Night Market.That lovely spread of food on the table.That Scottish Haggis with whisky.The top shots always make a difference.But standing up and taking shots such as these is embarrassing! With Selfie Stick all you have to do is bend the handle to an angle and click click.

 4)360 degree videos: Watch my youtube video and you’ll know how easy is it to make a round around yourself 360 degrees.It acts like a go pro stick,when you’d just be using your selfie stick! Plus taking a pic of Roman Colosseum with wide frame will no longer be a big deal.

                                                                    Whether in Greece or Rome,you'll love the 360 degrees

 5)Down motion shots: Want to capture moving tyres of a car while driving,what is unlike possible on your own is now possible with your own selfie stick keeping it a little out of window and there you go! Better shots.

 6)Couple Shots: Feeling hushy mushy while travelling,want to capture the moment but confused on how! #Selfie Stick is all you end.A bear hug,a kiss best captured without having to request anyone.

Couple Zombie #Selfies

 7)Celebrity Shots: Met a celebrity on board while travelling and crazy about him/her.Better than taking a selfie which just takes a face shot,take out the #Selfie stick and voila.No body would ever know your secret little thing.

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